Why is my dog whining constantly? Learn how to stop it

Dog whining constantly signs your dog wants something or in trouble. 

But how you can stop dog whining constantly behavior quickly without going outside from your home.

dog whining constantly

Today we discuss the below topics to brief about dog whining behavior and tips to stop the behavior.

1.what is dog whining

2.why my dog whining constantly 

3.which dog breeds do whine a lot

4.how to stop dog whining constantly in my house

1.what is dog whining

When you hearing a dog whining sound, it is just like crying. your dog whining means wants something from you or has pain or anxiety.

You can’t ignore whining behavior. because if you ignore then it is meaning you are promoting your dog to do excessively whining. then it turns into bad behavior of your dog.

So, if your dog does whining then you need to know the reason behind it. here I try to list out possible reasons and tips to stop whining behavior.

2.why my dog whining constantly 

You need to know the reason behind dog whining otherwise it becomes bad behavior of your dog. sometimes your dog becomes a pain in your society if you live in an apartment or society because of bad behavior.

What is the reason?

1.say something to you

Yes, it is right. If your dog wants to tell something when you are busy with talk to others then they start whining. Many times, they walk around you and lying down on the floor while whining.


you skip or forget your dog's daily routine because you are busy with work, meeting with other people, or busy with social functions. The dog didn’t get food so they start to whine.

Sometimes you see with street dogs also. when you have food in your hand and if street dogs see food in your hand, then they start whin with their eyes focus on food.

3.dog whining constantly because of anxiety

We have anxiety because of our work, relationship, health, career, and life. Dog faces anxiety problem because of health, absence of the family member or owner leave it.

They try to express their feeling using whining or say crying. 

4.seeks attention when you are busy

If you are busy with meeting to others, talk to other in a phone, eat food in front of your dog, welcome new guest, bring new items from outside or ignore your dog. then your dog has the authority to get jealousy because you give no attention or consider your important task.

So, your dog shares their feeling with whining.

5.feeling tire or bore

dog wants to play with you like hiding & seek game, playing with toys, ball or dish-throwing game, fun while you are walking, sleeping and working.

But sometimes in your absence or with other family members, your furry friend has not any partner for a fun time. so they feel bored or even tire and share a feeling of whining.

6.have pain

dogs love to play with their furry friends, with our family members, and chances to likely injured during playing. also, sometimes due to improper diet dogs feels seek and need treatment.

So, they start whining to express their feelings or pain

7.have a fear

When you welcome the first time of your puppy, the puppy feels alone or strange because your family member or house completely new for them. 

If you put your puppy in a crate on the first night and stay alone from your bedroom then they feel fear because of darkness. so, one of the reasons to whining constantly puppy at night.

8.left love one

Dogs have feelings. so dogs are one of those animals who can elect to stay with humans. Ourself and dogs create wonderful bonding when we stay longtime together or engage with each other for a long time.

Dog and we feel like family members of each other. Sometimes you see that dog whining because their owner passes away, gets injured or hospitalized, going outside due to their work, and is left alone. dogs can’t live alone and they share a feeling.

I have seen in a hospital also where dog standing outside to wait for owner and doing whining sometimes also. when I see this, I got emotional.

Another example you see with street dogs also. sometimes their partner passes away or gets injured in an accident. so, they want help for treatment and doing whining or walk around us.

8.feeling unsafe

in previous topics, we discuss puppies whining at night because they feel fear. Dogs whining because they feel unsafe in certain situations.

It may be with your furry friend in night happen also. special street dogs when fight with other dogs alone, strange person come in your society or apartment, thief showed in the night so they need help or give a message about unsafe via whining or crying.

9.Need breaktime

Puppy and dog need break time or potty time during the day and night. you fix the routine of your puppy or dog according to their age and breeds. You need to take care of their food diet also.

At night your puppy or dog needs break time or potty time, so you take care at night also. If your puppy or dog stays in a crate, they need not able to come out from the crate, or in darkness, they feel fear or unsafe.

so, this is one of the reasons for the constant whining of your dog or puppy at night also.

10.digestive issue

A dog needs proper diet food if you want good health of your dog. if you are new to a dog or puppy, you need to take advice from your veteran and prepare a diet chart what food give to your dog according to their age, breeds, and time. 

So, your dog is staying fit but if you are careless about a food diet then there are chances to your dog have a digestive issue. digestion problem creates feel seek or need more break time. 

If they feel seek and need more break time then they start whining. You need to consider this reason in your checklist for whining behavior.

3.which dog breeds do whining a lot

When we decide to adopt a new puppy or dog in our house, we consider few things. Things are dog breeds, age, health conditions, social behavior, and family member, our aim also consider.

But one thing we miss. It is whine behavior that most of us didn’t know. 

Yes, depending on dog breeds they do whine differently. Sometimes dogs takes whining to communicate with their partner, especially at the night. they also give a howl or whine. We see this in street dogs also.

So, for your information, I list out dog breeds that do whine a lot according to their age and behavior.

  1. Howling Husky
  2. Sassy Chihuahua
  3. Yappy Yorkie
  4. Foxhound
  5. Alaskan Malamute
  6. Miniature Schnauzer
  7. Toy Poodle
  8. Dachshund
  9. German Shepherd
  10. Pomeranian
  11. Beagle
  12. Chihuahua
  13. Yorkshire terrier

4.how to stop dog whining constantly in my house

Whining in a dog or puppy is common behavior. but you can’t ignore this behavior. because if you ignore this behavior then it becomes bad behavior of your dog or puppy and many times you face bad behavior.

As we discuss, first we find out the reason why whining does. Common reason already lists out above. then after you can find out the possible reason and its solution. 

Here, a possible solution defines which help to stop your puppy or dog whining day or night also.

  • From the first day, decide your puppy or dog diet plan. You can take advice from your veterinarian also. if you give proper diet food to your puppy or dog then the chances of your dog become sick or digestion problem less. So, they need break time or potty timeless, and whining uses less.
  • When your dog tries to say something focuses on your dog or puppy or give attention so they don’t feel lonely and stay away to do whining.
  • Give time to play with your puppy or dog. so they don’t feel boring.
  • Give toys to play with or take a small tour with your dog so they use their energy to playing. using this method your dog or puppy controls excitement or hyper energy.
  • Do not skip the daily routine of your puppy or dog.
  • At night take a tour of where your puppy or dog sleeps. If require then give time to take a break or potty.
  • At night, always keep a crate of your puppy nearest your bed area. So, they feel your presence as well as sleep peacefully without any fear.
  • If you found any injury on your dog, puppy, or street dog. then immediately go to the nearest pet hospital so they can get first aid treatment and came out from their pain or sickness.
  • When you have a meeting or going outside you can plan to take it with your dog or puppy. you can also hire a dog walker or call neighbors to take care of your puppy or dog in absence of. So this will help to avoid the loneliness of your dog.

I hope, above details provide enough information and it will help to stop whining behavior in your dog or puppy.