What is schutzhund training? - Dog obedience training

Schutzhund training uses to develop dog hidden skills. So dog skills more useful and create bonding with the dog owner. Schutzhund training suitable for german shepherd dogs in the early days.

schutzhund training

We go through the below topics.

1.what is Schutzhund training?

2.Can my dog take Schutzhund training?

3.why Schutzhund?

4.what are the Schutzhund training trial and titles?

5.what are Schutzhund's training phases?

6.schutzhund training commands:


1.what is Schutzhund training?

Schutzhund training is a dog obedience training method. the word Schutzhund is a german word and its meaning is ''protection''. So when this word use with dog training it meaning ''protection dog training''.

this training method measures dog hidden skills like mental stability, endurance, willingness to work, courage, patience, self-control, and learning ability.

The Schutzhund training structure is divided into three-phase including tracking, obedience, and protection and if the dog passes these phases they reward with different titles and tags. hence this training method becomes your dog more useful and creates a good companion for a dog owner.

2.Can my dog take Schutzhund training?

Schutzhund training develops in Germany in the early 1900s. The purpose is to identify and segregate dog breeds that best suitable for protection services such as police work, military service, search and rescue services. this training method solely uses for protection service selection of dog breeds and training.

in the early 1900s, only german shepherd dog breeds select for Schutzhund training because they pass test methods so it is considered as the best suitable dog breed.

now in days german shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Belgian Malinois, and Bouvier des Flandres pass intermediate, advanced levels of the exam and consider successful dog breeds in Schutzhund training. also a beginner(companion dog test and intermediate (obedience test) a wide variety of dog breeds take participate

3.why Schutzhund?

Because it tests check dog breeding suitability, temperament, physical fitness to do work, learning ability, teamwork, and self-control behavior before consider for training. so, this will help to save your thousands of dollars before giving training that's why it considers best.

4.what are the Schutzhund training trial and titles?

Trials mean events and titles mean awards. When a dog passes trials then it gives titles. There are three levels of titles, numbered 1 through 3, with level 1 being the first and level 3 being the most advanced. Previously they were called Schutzhund 1 through Schutzhund 3 (abbreviated SchH1–SchH3),[c] in 2012 they became IPO1–IPO3,[a] and in 2019 they became IGP1–IGP3.

5.what are Schutzhund's training phases?

There are three Schutzhund training phases including tracking, obedience, and protection. In this training, dogs need to pass through three-phase and accordingly title given. 

5.1. Tracking phase:  

this test check dog's scenting ability, mental soundness, and physical endurance. a track prepared including articles or objects. a dog needs to walk through a track, find an article along the track path and indicate by lying down with the article between his front paws.

dog handler follows dog with the use of 10 (33 ft) mtr leash. score give to dogs depends on how the dog follows tracks (intention and careful behavior) and indicates an object. Track length, width, number of articles, complexity, and age of track varies for each title.

5.2.obedience training: 

in this training method, two dogs present. One at the ground training field and the second dog lie down on the ground while its handler leaves it.

Then after replacing both of them. During this training dog behavior check and based on the score given. dogs whose performance like enthusiasm, commands follow, self-control, awareness, and reaction good give a good score by judges in training.

obedience behavior checks with different exercises like heeling exercises, dog reaction tests, and dog follow commands test. to check dog reaction to loud noise sound like door ring bell, gunshot and alarm produce.

There are one or two recalls, three retrieves (flat, jump, and A-frame), and a "send out", in which the dog is directed to run away from the handler straight and fast and then lie down on command during its run.

5.3.Protection phase: 

in this training method dog courage, ability to protect itself and its owner, barking control, identification, aggression, attack, and fear behavior test. protection training uses in police work, military work, search and rescue work, and dog owner security work. training including the dog, dog handler, judge, and helper.

The judge's assistant is called ''helper'' and they test dog behavior. in training, the helper wears a padded sleeve on one arm and hides in random blind. then after the dog is directed to search all blind for a helper. when a dog finds a helper, it indicates by barking. a dog must guard a helper to prevent them from moving until recalled by a handler. during series of exercise, handler either attack on helper or attempts to escape.

When the dog finds an attack on the helper, the dog starts barking to stop attacking and escape by biting the padded sleeve. then, the dog is commanded to "out", or release the sleeve. The dog must out or it is dismissed. At all times the dog must show courage to engage the helper and the temperament to obey the handler while in this high state of the drive.

6.schutzhund training commands:

below commands list provided which use during training.


German Pronunciation








Watch! Attention!



Out! Drop It! Let Go!











Gib Laut!

(Gib Lawt)




Here! Come!



Up! Jump!






Attack! Take hold!

Pass auf!

(Pahs owf)

Pay attention! / Watch



Shame! Stop That!















Go forward! Run out!


*Source/Credit for commands http://vonpiconekennels.com/iposchutzhund-commands/



7.1 Is Schutzhund training cruel?

all activity engages your dog so this training is not cruel.

7.2 What breeds can do Schutzhund?

Breeds include in this training are german shepherd, boxers, Dobermans, rottweilers,  Belgian Malinois, Bouvier de Flandres and Briards.

7.3 When should you start Schutzhund training?

Generally, people start training to their pup age around 5 to 6 month or 9-10 week.

7.4 How long is Schutzhund training?

With Schutzhund club around two to three years take.so before committing ensure about your decision because if you left this training then your time and money waste.

7.5How much does Schutzhund training cost?

Cost of training approx. is $75.00/session and it may vary based upon location. Each session approximately 1 hour consider.