Why is my Puppy whining in crate?–Learn how to stop it

Puppy whining in a crate is common behavior when a puppy first time stays in a crate. so it is important to consider puppy whining behavior.

puppy whining in crate

Points we discuss today are mention below

1.Reason behind puppy whining in a crate

2.Learn how to stop puppy whining in a crate


1.Reason behind puppy whining in a crate:

Puppy come to your home for the first time, family members excited to welcome newborn puppy. 

But puppy unknown with our family members. That’s why they need support or loving care. So, what we do with our puppy?

We brought a crate for the puppy and without any information, we keep our puppy in a crate either day or night.

Then our puppy starts whining or crying in the crate either day or night. Then we think about why my puppy starts whining or crying. 

A puppy is the same as a newborn baby. We need to care as much as our newborn baby. so here I figure out some of the reasons to whining a puppy in a crate.

1.1 Feel lonely

We keep our puppies in a crate because they do not do potty in our house, go outside anywhere or keep safe.

but if we can’t provide playful items or having no time to spend with our puppy then the puppy feels lonely in a crate.

They are like a child so they want to play with us or want food from their pet parents. But we can not give proper attention then the puppy feels lonely and starts whining.

1.2 Have fear at night

as you know we human also have fear in the night because we feel alone sometimes the same thing happen with our pups.

We keep our pups in a crate during the night but we forgot to keep the crate at our sleeping area side.

if crate place near dark area side or where our absents then puppy feel lonely and have fear. so they need support or protection from pet parents or pup’s mother.

So, the puppy starts whining at night. Keep in mind they are like a newborn baby. so they also need emotional support or safety when they have a fear, particularly newborn puppies.

1.3 Discomfort

While you brought out a crate to keep your puppy then you need to ensure that crate has enough space.

Puppy wants to sleep, eat food, or playing with toys in a crate.

so if enough space is not available then the puppy feels discomfort or wants to come out from the crate. that why puppy whining if they feel discomfort in a crate.

1.4 Feeling hungry

Your pups hungry at night or day while in a crate and want food to eat. so they whining to their mum or pet parents.

1.5 Need potty break

Puppy potty break is kept in your mind because different ages of puppy potty break timing and capacity to hold potty are different.

2–3-month-old puppy potty break is every three to four hours and 4–5-month-old puppy potty break is every five to six hours.

If a puppy keeps a long time in a crate, then pups need potty breaks. Crate have not enough space available for a potty break then puppy whining and give a message about a potty break.

1.6 Want attention or feel boredom

Children always want to play with their toys or parents. Same your pups need to play with toys, puppy Mets, or pet parents.

Now if your puppy keeps in a crate for a long time then feels boring. So, puppies whining and give their message to their pet parent or pup mother.

Sometimes your pup wants attention if feel alone or want something.so at this time they also whining in a crate.

1.7 Injured or sickness

Sometimes your pup feels sick or pain and needs treatment. so puppies start whining and try to represent their pain or sickness.

From all the above reasons, you need to identify for puppy whining while in a crate and take proper actions such that your puppy stops whining or crying.

2.Learn how to stop puppy whining in a crate:

Puppy whining is normal behavior but you need to stop a puppy from whining.

If you ignore and give a treat or reward while the puppy whining then the puppy promotes and it will become bad behavior as the puppy become younger.

to stop a puppy from whining in crate few tips are listed out.

  • Choose the right size of the crate so your pup feels comfort in day and night.
  • Always crate training gives to your puppy. so, the puppy easily adjusts to the crate.
  • List out potty breaks according to puppy behavior so you can give enough potty breaks to your puppy.
  • Keep puppy crate in your bedroom or near the area in the night so your pup comes out from fear.
  • Use an alarm timer or special timer in a crate. Puppy feels support and easily sleeps at night.it is the same as baby children sleep with their mother.
  • Pet toys available in a crate so your pup plays with toys and engage in activity also.
  • Give food at a frequent time so your pup does not feel hungry.
  • If your pup has been injured or sick then give proper treatment.
  • Give attention to your puppy means enough time to give your puppy like walk with your pup, playing, or fun with your pup.
  • Keep in mind do not encourage puppy for whining behavior by giving rewards or treats.


3.1 How do I get my puppy to stop whining in his crate?

Puppy whining in crate either day or night. you need to identify root cause and stop this behavior. to know more refer above topics.

3.2 Should I ignore puppy whining in crate?

Depend on your puppy behavior and situation while doing whining in crate.so first you find out reason behind whining and if no any reason found then ignore whining behavior other it became bad behavior of your puppy. 

3.3 How long will a puppy whine in crate?

At age around 5–6-month puppy able to stay in crate for few hours.

3.4 Should puppies sleep in crates?

Yes, puppies sleep in crate but in night you ensure that crate is near your bed and mid night you give bathroom break to your puppy. so, your puppy can learn to stay a long time in crate without any fear.

3.5 Should puppy have toys in crate at night?

Yes, of course. toys engage your puppies in playful activities. so, they are not bored in crate and avoid whining behavior in crate.