Puppy jumping up and biting problem-Learn how to stop it

Puppy jumping up and biting need to stop when you found. Otherwise, puppy jumping up and biting behavior turn into bad behavior when a puppy becomes younger.

puppy jumping up and biting

We discuss the following topics.

1.Puppy jumping up 

1.1 Reason behind puppy jumping up

1.2 How to stop puppy jumping up

2.Puppy biting

2.1 Reason behind puppy biting

2.2 How to stop it


1.Puppy jumping up:

When you come to your home, watching tv, discuss with your members, sleeping on a bed, any food in your hand and your pup found you then suddenly tries to touch down you or want something you. 

your puppy tries to show expression by jumping on you.

First few days or a couple of months you feel good or it became funny.

But then what happens with you?

You suck with your puppy, move away, or sometimes feel helpless or angry.

Now what you do with your puppy? 

well, don’t ‘worry. 

1.1 Reason behind puppy jumping up:

When you find your puppy jumping upon you for a couple of months then you need to find out the reason and accordingly take action.

  • Your puppy overexcited or can’t control your excitement when you found at the gate or found something new item in your hand.
  • Any items like foods, games or toys want from you.
  • Want to go with you when you are at the home entrance door.
  • Grab your attention when you are busy with your work.
  • Want to play with you when you are busy.

1.2 How to stop a puppy from jumping upon you:

You can try the following method to stop your puppy from jumping up on you.

  • When you enter your home and if your pup trying to jump up on you, turn away from the puppy and close the door, avoid eye contact, no reaction is given to the puppy. this Practice doing until your Puppy realizes jumping up equals no attention and next time your puppy not jumping up.
  • Use the command ‘’stop’’ in a calm voice when the puppy stops jumping up on you.
  • Practice doing consistently will improve your puppy behavior.
  • When your pup trying to jump up on you, Redirect the puppy using playing games like catch dish or ball, hide and seek, find out toys. 
  • try to closer to your puppy. so puppy not able to jump on you.
  • Use a leash to control jumping up behavior. The leash gives confine space and controls the puppy from jumping up on you at a distance or home entrance.

2.Puppy biting:

When your puppy becomes younger, they start to play with you and other pups with their mouth. 

They have sharp teeth and become danger so it is necessary to stop puppy biting behavior like chewing any item, follow with you and others with a mouth, and use the mouth for any item want.

2.1 Reason behind puppy biting:

  • they grab attention to you.
  • overexcited or even feeling more overstimulated.
  • uncomfortable or itching is developed in teeth so try to chew any items.
  • try to play with siblings’ pups. 
  • chasing any smell or fast-moving items.
  • any item wants from you.
  • come with you so try to keep your leg with your mouth.
  • they are frustrated or tired of any dislike things such as favorite food not given, toys for playing not give and much more.
  • try to learn new things from biting like how hard an object, its test, and how to use it.
  • Lack of trust with you, family, trainer, and any guest come into your home.

2.2 How to stop it: 

Puppy biting is normal behavior. But if you ignore and promote biting behavior then it will become bad behavior. 

So, you need to find out the reason and stop puppy biting behavior. 

Below few tips given to stop puppy biting. 

  • Learn your puppy about bite inhibition so they can control biting intensity on humans.
  • Replace or redirect puppy biting behavior so they forgot about biting.
  • ignore or not give attention when the puppy starts biting. this can understand your puppy biting means ‘’game over’’.
  • Avoid waving fingers or hands in Infront of the puppy's mouth can encourage biting.
  • Do not discourage your puppy from a playful mouth. This can discourage puppy and urge for biting.
  • Do not hit or slapping on puppy face. This can puppy more anger and promote biting.
  • When the puppy becomes overexcite give an alternative item to chewing or biting. so, puppy biting attention redirect and stop on human.
  • Use a crate to calm down your puppy. so, the puppy stop biting and when calm down get it out from the crate. 
  • Give time for potty or relaxation such that the puppy becomes calm.
  • give positive reinforcement training so your puppy learns good manner.


3.1 Why does my puppy jumping up and biting?

Puppy jumping up and biting behavior becomes bad if you did not stop it. so you need to know the reason behind the puppy jumping up and biting. I already list out the reason behind jumping up and biting. please check the above list out the reason.

3.2 How do you stop a puppy from jumping up and biting?

few tricks I list out. Please refer above topic.

3.3 Do puppies grow out of jumping up?

Puppy is growing so their energy and excitement level increase. they try to jump up on you. They show up their feelings and you need to stop this bad behavior. Puppies jumping up does not connect with growth.

3.4 what age do puppies start to calm down?

Most puppies calm down between seven to ten-month. at this age, they are mature and forgot their naughty behavior but it depends on your puppy learning behavior and training method.

3.5 is it normal for puppies to bite when playing?

Yes, because they use mouth to play with each other pups. so puppy biting during playing is normal.