Potty training for puppy - first step of training

Potty training for puppy is the first step of the training part. When your puppy joins your family, they need to train some basic steps. Potty training is the first thing to consider for your puppy.

potty training for puppy

In this article, we discuss the below topics, 

1.what is the first thing you should train your puppy?
2.when to start potty training for a puppy?
3.what is the easiest way to potty train a puppy?
4.what are things to do and don’t in potty training of puppy?

1.what is the first thing you should train your puppy?

It is the most common question raised in our minds. because when we welcome a new puppy in our family, we are confused about what is the first things that need to learn about our puppy.

There are basic things to learn our puppy are sitting, leave it, come, down, stay, take it and drop it consider.

But among all of this potty training is the first thing to learn our puppy.

Anybody including dogs also loves cleanness. so they always stay away from their elimination or poops. Without training a puppy not understand which place do elimination. so, there are chances of more accidents (poops or elimination) in our home or apartment.

Why it is considered a first thing?

So, potty training considers the first thing for puppies such that our home or apartment cleanness maintains.

2.when to start potty training for a puppy?

According to expert suggestion, you begin potty training when your puppy age between 12 weeks to 16 weeks older.

At this age, they have enough control of their bladder and bowel movements to learn it.

Another factor that we need to consider is their breeds and previous living condition. When you adopt an older puppy first you known its living condition and then you need to break bad habits.

3.what is the easiest way to potty train a puppy?

Puppy or newborn babies are the same. we need to learn all the things from the basics according to our family culture or environment.

so the Easiest way or steps are identified below for potty training a puppy. Please go through the below steps.

  1. When you welcome your new puppy to your new home, you need to identify its living area, elimination area, restriction area, toys, leash and collar, cages, and puppy name in your home or apartment with your family member such that from the first day, the puppy starts to learn about basic things from you and your family members.
  1. You need to learn or do research about dog’s breeds and their behavior. Because different breeds have frequency to do elimination (pee or poops) is different. So, if you know then you can easily know when your dog needs to do elimination.
  1. You need to select a potty spot first.it may be outside or inside of your home. But ensure that it is easy to reach, easy to clean and there is no other interruption. Because a puppy is easily distracted from other activities so they do not complete their elimination (pees or poops).
  1. You need to fix your schedule and stay consistent during potty training. At an early age of a puppy needs more time to go for potty. so you can select when they wake up, during and after playing session, during walking, before and after a meal before bedtime accordingly but keep in mind within 2-3 hours puppy needs to go for potty. So, fix the schedule and follow.
  1. Select a proper diet for your puppy. because sometimes improper diet can lead to diarrhea for your puppy. if you have no idea then you can take advice from a veterinarian.
  1. Keep your observation on puppy behavior because when they need to go for potty sudden their behavior change. Like they are barking, give a sign for outside, whining, and rounding. So, if you identified their behavior then you can easily understand and avoid an accident in your home.
  1. When you take your puppy outside for potty, always walk with a leash on a puppy. So, you can define location and control over your puppy to stop their elimination anywhere places. Because when puppy smells their urine or poops, they understand places are their bathrooms. So, you can control with a leash to do elimination at a specific location.
  1. Always train your puppy with specific command or language for potty. When your puppy want elimination and you go outside, then you can use specific command so your puppy train under this command.
  1. If your puppy does not control their elimination, you can identify the in-house separate area or use a crate. Crate size selects properly so your puppy doing elimination as well as play inside the crate. Also, you can go outside for the elimination of your puppy after several times from crate. But you need to supervise your puppy's behavior.
  1. when you go with your puppy for potty and complete their elimination, then give it praise or rewards. It can promote your puppy to complete its elimination without any distractions.

4.what are things to do and don’t in potty training of puppy?

Following points, you consider in your mind during potty training of a puppy.

  • When your puppy does an accident in your house (pees or poops), you can’t give punishment because it can lead to scary your puppy. instead, you speak ‘’no’’ to avoid an accident in your home.
  • If you find your puppy in the act, clap loudly so they know something going wrong. Then take them outside with the use of a collar or leash to complete their elimination and when they finish give them praise or rewards.
  • Always clean the accident area in your home using an enzymatic cleaner. This will prevent your puppy from their eliminating at the same place.
  • When you are outside from your home or for your job, hire a dog walker or call a neighbor and understand your puppy's daily routine such that they supervise and maintain your puppy's daily routine.

I Hope, this article about potty training for puppy interesting to you and helpful.