Dog obedience Training: Learn how to train your dog

Dog obedience training: do you want to learn to train your dog at home.? A dog training that completely teaches you that how to eliminate dog bad behavior and create obedient as well as dog hidden intelligence.

But this is how possible.? 

Don’t worry I had the same question with my dog. But after so many watches video and go-to trainer to train my dog, I am dissatisfied.

Because I want to be my dog obedient and want good behavior with my dog. Before I reveal my secrete, I wish you will read the complete article.  

dog obedience training

In this article, you will read the following topics. 

Discussion topics:

1.Common question for dog owner those who gave not dog training yet
2.Common facts behind dog training failed
3.Dog bad behavior and its reason
4.My secret behind good dog training
5.Investment you pay for your dog training

1.Common question for dog owner those who gave not dog obedience training yet

yes, this is right. There are so many questions with dog owners including me also. so, before going solution first, we know the question in our minds. This is my belief so I share some common questions with you also.

  • a dog does not listen to you
  • dog bark uncontrollably
  • a dog is pulling on the leash to you
  • dog is aggressive
  • dog is chewing 
  • The dog is digging all the time 
  • a dog is jumping up when someone enters a house
  • a dog is not following your command
  • frustrated with dog sometimes
  • gives up your dog because of bad behavior.
  • sometimes feels helpless to control your dog
  • dog gets overexcited and hard to settle down.
  • a dog has a fear of certain sound
  • the dog suffers from anxiety
  • a dog is whining constantly
  • dog doing potty anywhere in the house even give training
  • how to train a puppy 
all above and there is so much question in your mind. this is because you gave not dog training or dog training failed. But don’t worry because I will help you just keep reading this article. later I will explain to you how I succeed in my dog training. 

2.Common facts behind dog obedience training failed

There is a lot of common facts behind dog training failure. Some of I listed below.

  • failed to engage your dog on a mental level
  • failed to develop his/her intelligence 
  • never address the root cause of the dog’s bad behavior
  • most training techniques are outdated
  • without training certification, it will lead to wrong training
  • most of the technique uses shortcut means without understand dog behavior dog training given
  • failed to develop bonding between you and your dog
  • without knowing deep research about dog training, training effectiveness will be short term
  • not give priorities to develop a loving relationship between you and your dog
  • not give mental training to your dog 

3.Dog bad behavior and its reason

Sometimes dog behaves badly that cause unhappy with the dog owner or it will take place to dog reject from their owner. It is a very tough situation for a dog as I feel because I am a dog lover. 

so as an owner or thing to adopt a dog, you know about dog bad behavior such that you will handle this situation and also include during training a session with your dog.

1.jumping up: it is common behavior of a dog. When a dog is overexcited or seeing items in someone's hands then they jump. But sometimes it may dangerous to others.

2.Digging: some dog breeds are more prone to digging because they have anxiety, more energy, hidden special items, want some cooling, and want more area.

3.whining: a dog is whining because they want something from you like food, a toy, or want outside of the door, showing boredom, have pain, stress, or excited to communicate with you.

4.barking: it is common behavior of a dog. The common reason behind barking is to give an alert or warning, communicate to other dogs, have anxiety, over-excitement, or want attention-seeking.

5.chewing: when dogs have excess energy or excitement, have anxiety, and newborn puppy curious about new items or teething then they distract from their regular activity and found chewing with toys or another item. 

6.anxiety: the common reason behind this is dog health not good and the dog owner prepares to leave.  

7.biting: a dog is biting any person and it may dangerous. a common reason behind biting is dogs have fear, protect themselves, showing defensiveness, protect owner important items, or have pain.  

4.My secret behind good dog obedience training

I also face the above problem with my dog. I also want to be my dog be obedient and think about its solution. so one day my friend suggests me to give brain training to my dog. So first I brief about it.

You heard of the idea of ‘neuroplasticity in the human brain. in other words our brains are like soft plastic means it always capable of learning things easily. Dog’s brain the same. a dog can learn new things and also improve its behavior with the help of brain training.

So, what next...?   

I search for training courses or trainers who give this training.so I found a training course BRAIN TRAINING FOR DOGS made by Adrienne Farricelli.

A short bio about her:

Adrienne Farricelli is a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer and has more than 10 years of experience in dog training. she helps people to eliminate their dog bad behavior and train well-behaved, loving and obedient dogs. She has also 

  • Her work featured in USA Today and every dog magazine
  • Contributed to eHow and all experts
  • Helped thousands of struggling dog owners all over the world
  • Run a successful cage-less board and train company
  • Provided training to a service dog for military veterans

After 10 years of experience, she develops a brain training course for a dog. which is unique for the following reason.

  • it covers so many problems with its solution including the root cause that you found in your dog
  • training techniques use is force-free, easy to understand, step-by-step guides, it includes pictures and video demonstrations that you can use for dog training.
  • you get access to a private forum where you discuss dog behavior, training, and much more things
  • you get a huge archive which is made by a certified professional trainer
  • Direct question and answering support system
  • The training system is easy to follow and tailor-made and much more...

What’s include in this course...?

 In this course, there is a total of seven modules which is


Also, you can get extra resources including

  • 7 Trick training videos
  • Obedience 101 training
  • Polishing up your training
  • Adrienne’s archive 

5.Investment you pay for your dog obedience training

For dog training, you pay an average amount of fees per session or class is $50

Let take one week you conduct three-class so per week fees is =3 x $50 = $150

So, per month four weeks I consider so, the fees you paid are approx. = 3 x 4 x $50 = $600

The above figures are approx. considered. It may vary depends on your location and kind of dog training.

So, if you pay the above amount, then I recommended a little bit amount you need to invest for your dog training Because you want your dog to become obedient, remove bad behavior, follow your command, loving bonding creating with you, and also you love your dog.

If you want to buy a course then Click the below button


Once again, I am thankful to you, because you read this article or purchase this course ‘’no’’, but as a human, you care for your pets and love your pets. Love your pets, they also love you….